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Well in life you always hear some good tips about anything. The best one I can come up with are ones that I learned by either through someone else or in most cases by being the one to do it. So here you'll find some helpful hints from me and probably others on how to be the better player.

  • You can't get your intended target if you don't move. You will never get the flag if you don't move. Learn to move esp. when someone is shooting at you. Believe it or not it's a hard skill to learn. I'm not saying that you won't get hit if you're moving but I am saying that you have a better chance of staying in the game. Get the angle on the other player. If you can get that you get an easy elimination.


  • Shoot the gun! In order to win you need to shoot the gun! Most people don't realize that the thing they are holding is a valuable tool. It not only can let you hit the opponents but it might just keep them from shooting at you. Just shooting air in the air can keep a players head down. Become accurate, Shoot targets too see what your gun can do and use it like that on the field.


  • Communicate In order to move or find targets or even how to get back to the flag you need to talk to the people around you. It might be hard at first because your new and are surrounded by strangers but this valuable tool can keep you in the game longer.


  • Look around. I see this all the time. You see a target and get tunnel vision. Your goal in life becomes to get that one player if it's the last thing you do. Problem is.... it usually is. You did not see his buddy 3 feet away from him in the bush and while your target kept you distracted his friend sneaks up and SPLAT! your out. Learn to look around even a little bit as your shooting at a target. It will keep you alive a little longer.




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Last modified: November 17, 2001

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