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Here we go, a page for everyone to use that will have terms used in paintball and the real English behind it (or close to it anyways).

  • Agitator: A device attached to the paintball hopper or incorporated into the design of the hopper. Usually an impeller device that moves the paintballs around and lets them line up with the feed port.

  • ASA Adapter( Air Source Adapter) : Also referred to as the CS adapter. A device that is designed to let Co2 gas get into the gun. Usually a pin valve mechanism 

  • Auto, Full: continuous firing and reloading of the gun as the trigger is held down

  • Auto, Semi: Partly Automatic or Automatically recocking and loading a paintball but requires another squeeze of the trigger to fire again.

  • Auto Trigger: Used with pump action guns and allows the user to hold down the trigger and just pump the gun. Each pump of the gun will fire a paintball.

  • Barrel Plug: A safety device that is inserted into the front of the barrel to prevent a paintball from exiting the barrel.

  • Barrel, Rifled, Internal: A barrel with internal grooves, either straight or spiral in nature.

  • Bottom Line: The style of constant air where the ASA adapter is at the bottom of the grip frame. It might be part of the paintgun or an aftermarket mounted to the trigger frame. If it is aftermarket it will usually have a line connecting it to the paintgun.

  • Chronograph: Electronic device that measures the speed of the paintball. Usually radar.

  • Detent: Sometimes called a ball stop, anti doubler. A device that that keeps no more then one ball from loading into the chamber of the paintgun.

  • Donkey: Slang: ASA adapter

  • Elbow: Slang: Hopper adapter

  • Feeder: Slang: Hopper

  • Feed Tube: Paint storage container closed at one end and open at the other with a closing lid. These are used to hold paintballs so a player can reload his hopper

  • Flag Station: in paintball this is the teams base camp and is the location of the flag for that team. It is also where you must return the opposing teams flag

  • Flank: the extreme left or right of an army or fleet or to be placed or posted at the flank or side of, or to defend or guard the flank or the menace the flank of 

  • Fogging up: when breath and lack of air movement fog up the lens of the goggles reducing visibility.

  • F.P.S: Feet per second. the standard method for determining the speed a paintgun shoots at.

  • Goggles: the main protection for the eyes that all players and refs are required to wear while playing or in the area of play. These should not be substituted with any other goggles that were made for any other application other then paintball.

  • Guppy: Slang: Feed tube

  • Hammer: Also known as the lower bolt or the striker. This is the device that strikes the valve assembly and forces it open. When this happens CO2 or air is allowed to pass through the valve assembly from the gas assembly to the barrel.

  • Hammer (Down): Refers to putting paint on someone in a sudden and intense manner, seizing the moment on offense and showering the other player with paint.

  • Harness: Combination of pouches and straps that is worn by a player to carry paintballs, CO2, squeegee or anything he/she requires to play the game.

  • Hone: A tool that is mechanically rotated and has abrasive strips for polishing or enlarging holes to precise dimensions.

  • Hopper: Container for holding paintballs and attached to the paintgun.

  • Hosing: Refers to rapid firing. A tactic usually used for keeping an opposing player down.

  • Lenses, Thermal: A duel lens system. One (outer lens) is hard polycarbonate. The other (inner lens) is made of a different grade of polycarbonate that allows anti fog jell to stick to it. the two lenses are attached by a rubber gasket that makes an airtight seal between the two. The space in-between the two lenses is called the thermal barrier and helps reduce fogging on the inner lens.

  • Loader: Slang: Hopper feed tube.

  • Lit up: Slang: Term used when a player shoots his opponent a lot. "Boy, was I ever lit up out there" or "I lit him up like a Christmas Tree".

  • Liquid: Slang: CO2 in liquid form.

  • Muzzle: The mouth or end for discharge, for gun, pistol etc.

  • Muzzle Break: pattern of holes or slots on a barrel the acts as an exhaust port for gas.

  • Muzzle Velocity: The speed that a paintball is traveling when it leaves the muzzle of the paintgun barrel.

  • Nitrogen (N2): Refers to Nitrogen gas. Colourless and odorless, relatively non-reactive gas compressed at high pressures. Difference between N2 and CO2 is that N2 is measured by pressure while CO2 is measured by weight.

  • O-Ring: A ring Of pliable material (rubber or neoprene) used as a gasket.

  • Paintball: Round capsule filled with brightly coloured water-soluble dye that is designed to break on impact leaving a splat mark on what it hits. Usually of the caliber of .68.

  • Paintball Gun: A mechanical device, usually powered by CO2 used to propel paintballs. Also called a Marker

  • Paint Check: A time where a player is checked for paint splats. A paint check can be called by player or ref but may only be invoked by a referee. Misuse of a paintcheck can get a player ejected from the game.

  • Power Feed: A feed nipple designed for blow-back systems to increase the rate in which paintballs are feed into the gun. Most are incorporated into the paintgun already but there are some aftermarket for some guns.

  • PSI: Abbreviation for pounds per square inch

  • Pull Pin: a pin fastener which can be removed quickly to disassemble a paintgun. 

  • Quick Disconnect: Usually stainless steel or brass the unit is comprised of two parts. and male fitting and a female coupler that connect together to form an airtight seal. In paintball is used a lot for remote systems and disconnecting the CO2 or N2 from the gun.

  • Remote System: Also known as a remote or Remote Set-up. The system usually consist of an air tank carried on the players body, usually on a pouch or harness and a high pressure airline with quick disconnect fittings required to connect it to the paintgun.

  • Rifling (External): also, External Porting. in reference to a paintball gun barrel. A spiral hole pattern drilled into a paintgun barrel allowing for air to escape from in front of the paintball to shoot it straighter and farther. Porting also allows for a break up in sound when the gun is fired.

  • Rifling (Internal): Grooves or raised points in a barrel that are straight or spiral in nature.




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