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To play one should have or be willing to rent:

  • The number one piece of equipment has to be the mask. It is your only real source of protection for your eyes and ears from the paintball itself. Without this do not expect to get on the field. Fields rent these out in their price for the day if you do not have one.

  • Second most important piece in my mind is a barrel plug. "But I don't even have the gun yet! " True but to have the gun you should have the barrel plug. You can't go anywhere on the field without it and you can get yourself into a lot of trouble without it. Do us a favor and have it in when ever your not on the field playing.

  • My world for a gun. Okay that's not the real wording for it but if you want to play you have to have the gun. Most Rental places are handing out Semi-Auto guns in their fee but you might also get a pump. Don't worry about those guys out there with the big guns though. What you have is very effective.

  • What good is the gun without ammo for it? You will need some gelatin fill capsule things to shoot from it call paintballs. They come in a variety of colours but in the end they are all meant to do the same thing, break on the other guy! Most rental shops will include your first 100 in the fee you pay and then you pay a fee per ball after that.

  • Oh you might want something to put those in on your gun so we will also include a hopper so that you can put 150 or so balls through your gun without reloading. Aren't we cleaver? The one shown here is motorized. You probably won't get one for a rental but you will see them a lot on the field with the more " experienced " guys.

  • What your gun still won't go? Where is your CO2 bottle? Don't worry we give you gas too in the rental fee. A lot of places are giving this stuff away for free for the day but some places will charge per fill. On the field you might also see the " experienced " guys with HPA or High Pressure Air systems but they also bring their own tanks.

There is so much more you can buy and do but these are the basics for you. Now Lets go play and I'll see you in the middle!!!



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Last modified: November 17, 2001

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